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Elos Spirulina Plus Fish Food - 50g
Elos Spirulina Plus Herbivorous Fish Diet Elos Spirulina Plus is an high-quality food dedicated to all the species. A food that will provide a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins, and pigments necessary for healthy development and coloration. It contains an abundance of high-grade spirulina and shrimp/krill meal and protein. Spirulina is useful not only as an excellent ..
Elos SVM 2 Marine Fish Food - 50g
Elos SVM2 Marine Fish Food Provides the Best in Nutritional Value SVM2 is a slow sinking medium grain size pellet fish food ideal for marine fish within the 2-6" range in length. Low temperature extrusion process is used in order to preserve the maximum level of nutrients of the raw materials. This produces an even higher protein formula loaded with beta glucans improvin..
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