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Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller
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Smartwave is the new controller for movement and circulation pumps designed by Hydor. In nature, river and sea currents are a vital part of the natural life cycle of aquatic creatures as they promote oxygenation, transport nutrients and food and remove residues that would otherwise pollute. Smartwave helps recreate these currents which allow a healthy aquarium and unifo..
Innovative Marine Spin Stream Nozzle
Catch The Wave Instantly create turbulent currents that mimic natural ocean tides with the “Must Have” accessory for the NuvoAquarium. Watch as your coral naturally sway back and forth as nature intended. The SpinStream effortlessly exhausts random 40 degree circular wave patterns to enhance oxygen levels, coral expansion, and nutrient import/export. Features ..
Sicce Wave Surfer Pump Controller
The new Electronic Control Wave Surfer is designed to simulate real marine currents. It is easy to program with the perfect balance of features for trouble free operation without complicated computers or power controllers. When used with aquarium pumps, the Wave Surfer permits the creation of multiple currents from different directions inside the tank. Its controls make it s..
Tunze Comline Wavebox 6208
The Comline Wavebox 6208 is a wave generator for small and medium-sized tanks from 150 to 800 litres. The new “Comline” is easy to use, elegant and small. The Comline Wavebox 6208 uses Turbelle nanostream 6055 and its very compact dimensions enable hidden installation in aquariums. The integrated Magnet Holder enables easy attachment anywhere in the aquarium up to a pane thi..
Tunze Multicontroller 7095
The Tunze Multicontroller 7095 is a digital control unit for all Turbelle pumps with electronic motors. The unit simulates the different marine flow conditions in the aquarium. Multicontroller 7095 contains an LED moonlight with a 29-day moon phase and can control up to eight Turbelle. The clearly arranged operating panel with a waterproof membrane keypad and adjusting knobs..
Tunze Multicontroller 7096
The Tunze Multicontroller 7096 can be used for controlling all Turbelle pumps featuring electronic motors. The controller is configurable and can be programmed using a computer with USB connectivity. It features a 8-Bit high-performance microprocessor with memory maintaining the settings in the case of a power failure: For setup by means of a computer, the Multicontroller do..
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