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Water Pumps, Powerheads, and Wavemakers

Water flow in a marine or reef aquarium is very important for a healthy eco-system and necessary for running many types of equipment.

With high flow rates and strong head pressure, submersible and external water pumps are normally used to return water from a sump, but can also be used for a "closed loop" flow system and running equipment like recirculating protein skimmers and large media reactors.

Powerheads with wide outputs are ideal to circulate water in the display tank, keeping debris from settling to avoiding nutrient build-up, and help bring food to and remove waste from coral and other invertebrates. Where as powerheads with direct outputs are perfect to run media reactors and UV sterilizers.

Multiple points and random flow is always preferred, so having two or more small or medium sized powerheads will be better than just a single large one. And having the ability to adjust and change flow with a controller or wavemakers is even better still!

With water pumps from AquaticLife and Eheim, Powerheads from Hydor and Maxi-Jet, and Wavemarkers from EcoTech Marine, Ready Set Reef offers a wide selection of Pumps, Powerheads and Wavemakers from those top brands and more.

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