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Red Sea Algae Control NO3/PO4 Multi Test Kit
Red Sea’s Algae Control Kit includes high accuracy colorimetric comparator tests for the exceptionally high accuracy measurement of nitrate and phosphate. The nitrate & phosphate tests are essential for the accurate dosing of Red Sea's NO3: PO4- X (biological nitrate & phosphate reducer) which is part of the complete Red Sea Reef Care Program. ..
Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit
Red Sea's Marine Care Kit includes easy-to-use tests for the accurate monitoring of all of the important parameters during the biological maturation of marine and reef aquariums and beyond. ..
Red Sea Reef Colors Pro I2/K/Fe Multi Test Kit
Red Sea's Coral Colors Pro Kit includes advanced tests for the high accuracy measurement of iodine, potassium and iron. All of these elements are associated with many biological functions, including coral pigmentation. This test kit enables accurate dosing of three of the Coral Colors Supplements range, which are part of the compete Red Sea Reef Care Program. ..
Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Ca/KH/Mg Multi Test Kit
Red Sea's Reef Foundation Kit includes high accuracy titration tests for the accurate measurement of the elements calcium, magnesium and alkalinity (KH) which are the basic foundation elements of coral skeletons. All of these elements need to be available in balanced proportions for sustainable successful coral health and growth. This test kit enables accurate dosing..
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