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The most important part of any marine or reef system is the aquarium and since it's no easy task to change or upgrade, it's best to plan thoroughly and get the right one from the start.

Smaller aquariums are great for their lower required investment and energy consumption, compact size and versatile placement.

Larger aquariums can keep a wider verity of inhabitants and due to their increased volume will normally help keep water conditions stable.

And for most sizes we highly recommended using an aquarium that is pre-drilled or self-drilling for use of an internal overflow system and sump.

Also be sure to consider the weight and space needed for an aquarium, especially larger aquariums and that the planned location will be able to support it long term.


A separate chamber that is often incorporated into the sump, but also offered as hang on back (HOB) systems, refugiums serve as a place to keep additional live rock, sand, or macro algae for natural filtration. The extra live rock and sand will increase biological filtration and the macro algae will consume and reduce nitrates and phosphates. Refugiums also serve as a “safe-haven” for copepods, amphipods and similar creatures that find their way into the aquarium over time, avoiding populations from being wiped-out.

Quality and function are important factors to consider when starting a marine or reef aquarium and that's why Ready Set Reef offers aquariums and refugiums from top brands like CPR, Innovative Marine, Mr. Aqua, Reef Octopus and more.

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