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Media Reactors

These reactors are used to run filter media like GAC, GFO and Bio-Pellets and serve as a chamber to hold the media while a pump forces water through and around it, increasing contact and the efficiency of the filter media inside.

They are offered in a variety of sizes and styles with a few models being designed to work any of these three types of media, while most made to be used with either GAC and GFO or Bio-Pellets.

Calcium Reactors

Different from media reactors, these are designed to be used with aragonite media (crushed hard coral skeleton) and a pressurized carbon dioxide (Co2) system to increase and maintain calcium levels in the aquarium.

With the media inside the reactor chamber, water is pumped through and combines with Co2 lowering the pH in the chamber to an acidic level which dissolves the media into the aquarium adding calcium and other elements and minerals.

These systems do require several components to work, and some additional monitoring, but once properly set-up they become very cost effective and increase and maintain calcium levels with ease.

Keeping nitrate and phosphate levels down and calcium levels up is an important part for a healthy marine or reef aquarium, and that's why Ready Set Reef offers a wide selection of Media Reactors, Calcium Reactors and Accessories, from top brands like Innovative Marine, NextReef, Reef Octopus, Two Little Fishies and more.

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