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Phosphate Removal Media (GFO)

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AquaMaxx Phosphate Out - GFO
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AquaMaxx Phosphate Out is a granular ferric oxide absorptive filter media that removes phosphate from aquarium water. Phosphate is a fuel for algae growth and can also inhibit a coral's ability to utilize calcium in water. Phosphate Out does not leach phosphate back into aquarium water after it has been absorbed by the media. For best results, use AquaMaxx Phosphate Out..
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RowaPhos Phosphate Removal Media
Based on 1 reviews.
RowaPhos is a unique man made ferric hydroxide material specifically produced for efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and salt water, having initially been developed in Germany for treating mains water supplies. As such it should not be confused with natural materials, which are generally based on aluminum oxide, (zeolite). RowaPhos is manuf..
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Two Little Fishies PhosBan - Phosphate Removal Media - 150g
Synthetic ferric oxide hydroxide granules with an extremely high capacity for adsorbing phosphate from saltwater and freshwater. Also adsorbs silicate, and does not release adsorbed substances. Recommended by Julian Sprung for long-lasting and easy control of phosphate levels on a permanent basis. Phosphate removing filter media permanently removes phosphate No..
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