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Filtration & Media

Filtration and Media

The use of Filtration and Media can be very beneficial in a marine or reef aquarium and is highly recommended for dealing with a verity water quality issues.

Of the many types of filter media avaible, we find the most effective and efficiant are Activated Carbon, GFO and Bio-Pellets, with each having it's purpose and reason of use.

Activated Carbon, or GAC for short, is used to reduce and remove organic pollutants, odors and discolorations from water.

Phosphate Removers, like Granular Ferric Oxide, or GFO for short, are used to reduce and remove phosphate from water.

Bio-Pellet Media, which come in many shapes and sizes are used as a food source for bacterial strains that consume organic compounds and reduce nitrates and phosphates.

And to make these filter media most effective we recommend running them in reactors.

Filter socks work to catch floating debris and particles when placed in high flow areas such as overflows, but should be cleaned regularly as they can become a source of nitrates and phosphates when dirty.

To help keep aquarium water clean and crystal clear, Ready Set Reef offers a wide selection of Filter Media, Bio-Pellet Media, Filter Socks and Accessories, from top brands like AquaMaxx, Seachem, Two Little Fishies, Warner Marine and more.

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