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Protein Skimmers

Protein Skimmers

Unique to marine and reef aquariums, Protein Skimmers are one of the most important parts of filtration. Constantly removing organic waste from aquarium water, they create a strong mix of tiny air bubbles and water to force nutrients, protein, waste and other materials into a collection cup for easy removal.

Nano models are the smallest available and normally designed to run in the aquarium. Very efficient for their size, these models are a perfect match for smaller aquariums.

Hang On Back models, or HOB for short, literally hang on the back of the aquarium. They are compact and a great solution for sump-less systems, with models capable of maintaining aquariums of up to 120 gallons.

Internal or In-Sump models work partially submerged in water and normally placed within the sump of a system. Normally more efficient and larger than HOB models, these skimmers make great use of their space and are available in a range of sizes for small and larger aquariums.

External or Recirculating models are normally placed outside of water and work with two or more pumps. One pump, the feed pump, sends water from the sump or aquarium into the skimmer. The other pump or sometimes pumps then takes the water, creates air bubbles and mixes the two together, recirculating it several times before exiting. Designed for larger aquariums, these models are the most efficient available, but are also larger and require more maintenance.

Being one of the most important parts of filtration, Ready Set Reef offers a large selection of Nano, Hang On Back, Internal and External Protein Skimmers from top brands like AquaMaxx, Bubble Magus, Hydor, Reef Octopus and more.

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