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Elos AquaTest Calcium Test Kit
Calcium is the primary building block of corals, clams, calcareous algae and many other organisms that we grow in our aquarium. Without adequate supplies of calcium these organism will not flourish and will eventually waste away and die. The ideal value of calcium for a marine aquarium is between 380-450 mg/Lt (ppm) and for planted freshwater aquarium 100 mg/Lt (ppm). Be..
Elos AquaTest KH Alkalinity Test Kit
The alkalinity of a solution refers to its capacity to buffer against drops in pH. It is a measure of the concentration of various negatively charged ionic compounds (anions) such as carbonates, bicarbonates, borates and hydroxides in the aquarium water. The concentration of these ions determines the buffering capacity of the water to maintain proper pH. If the percentage of..
Elos AquaTest Magnesium Test Kit
Magnesium (Mg) is present in a high quantity (1300-1350 ppm) in natural seawater. Contrary to its not only quantitative significance, this element was ignored as an important parameter of the marine aquarium for a long time. We know today that Magnesium creates a remarkable improvement in the growth of calcareous algae and also has a positive influence on the growth of i..
Elos AquaTest Phosphate Test Kit
Phosphate (PO4) build up in aquariums appears to be a fairly common problem in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. They are present in most tap water supplies and are also introduced to aquarium water through fish waste, uneaten fish food, and decaying plant and invertebrate material. Hobbyists end up with rising levels of PO4, leading to the appearance of algae that start t..
Elos Spirulina Plus Fish Food - 50g
Elos Spirulina Plus Herbivorous Fish Diet Elos Spirulina Plus is an high-quality food dedicated to all the species. A food that will provide a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins, and pigments necessary for healthy development and coloration. It contains an abundance of high-grade spirulina and shrimp/krill meal and protein. Spirulina is useful not only as an excellent ..
Elos SVM 2 Marine Fish Food - 50g
Elos SVM2 Marine Fish Food Provides the Best in Nutritional Value SVM2 is a slow sinking medium grain size pellet fish food ideal for marine fish within the 2-6" range in length. Low temperature extrusion process is used in order to preserve the maximum level of nutrients of the raw materials. This produces an even higher protein formula loaded with beta glucans improvin..
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