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Pinpoint CO2 Regulator
An excellent regulator/solenoid for any hobbyist who is automating a calcium reactor or setting up a freshwater planted aquarium. Very quiet, reliable, non-stick operation. Precise needle valve to dispense exactly the flow desired. This high end regulator/solenoid is engineered specifically for the aquarium hobby at an affordable price. Features Will fit standard..
Pinpoint pH Controller
The Pinpoint pH Controller is an inexpensive yet rugged controller, which includes the appropriate probe and calibration fluids. This device will automate another electrical device such as a calcium reactor or magnetic solenoid for the addition of CO2 into an aquaculture or process system, and will control pH in both a downward and upward direction. The user will select ..
Pinpoint pH Monitor
The Pinpoint pH Monitor is in use by thousands of customers worldwide. This affordable unit remains the only full-time pH monitor with .01 resolution. The Pinpoint pH Monitor is sold complete with probe and calibration fluids. Given proper care, the Pinpoint pH Monitor should last a lifetime. Pinpoint pH Probe comes with a 10 foot high suppression cable and a BNC..
Pinpoint Salinity Monitor
The Pinpoint Salinity Monitor will accurately and immediately measure the amount of salt in any marine or freshwater system. The reading is fully temperature compensated, which is difficult or impossible with nearly any commercial hydrometer. The conversion chart will precisely show the corresponding density (specific gravity) or % salt (refractometer) values. Given prop..
Pinpoint AC Adapter Kit
The Pinpoint AC Adapter Kit (110 vac) is optional to replace the 9-volt battery, which some monitor owners find convenient, when monitoring full time. This AC Kit now contains special electronic filtering to avoid electrical interference that was occasionally seen in the past from some lighting systems. Note: Not compatible with Pinpoint Wireless Thermometers. ..
Pinpoint Salinity Calibration Fluid
Keep your refractor or salinity monitor calibrated with Pinpoint's Salinity Calibration Fluid. 53.0 mS standardized fluid with conversion chart. ..
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